Federated Jewish Charities of Huntington Inc. Has long been a part of the Jewish community of Huntington WV. During these many years the activities of the organization has changed as the needs of the community have changed. In recent years these activities have included:

  • Support for Local AIPAC Groups
  • Participation in Huntingtonā€™s Israel Day celebration
  • Establishment of the Jewish summer camp
  • A Fall fundraising event that is aimed at enraging participation and to show gratitude for those that participated.
  • Turn over a large portion of the funds that are raised to other Charities, largely Jewish Federation of North America who has a large network of projects aiding Jews and other all over the world

The interduction of this new website should give us a platform on which you will be given a greater opportunity to participate.

  • To be better informed of events in the Jewish world and the local community.
  • Provide a place where your opinions can be expressed.
  • Help meet the goals set up for the organization
  • Help the Board to recognize needs in the community and help meet those need

You Can start helping by checking the website from time to time to see what is new. Provide comments when you fell it appropriate.

The goals for the year 2019:

  • Raise $25,000
  • 50 Donors
  • Increase number of active board members
  • Create a vibrant website
  • Create a reliable Data base

You will be ask to help in some smaller and larger way with these goals. The fund-raising goal will need a few new donors and a few more dollars.

Hopefully, we have several new people who are looking to find the time to help on the board, but if you are interested please get in touch. The website is created we will work on being vibrant. The membership data we have now was created years ago in cooperation with the synagogue. It has at times not been maintained and is not complete. You will be asked to verify and complete contact information for a secure off-line database.

President – David Johnson

Vice President ā€“ Ronni Glaser

Recording Secretary ā€“ Allen Kaplan

Treasurer ā€“ Machael Hanft

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