Dutch casual relationships - Craigslist classified ads in Netherlands (2024)

Unlike Craigslist, Loveawake is a highly safe and secure dating service. Personal profiles are completely private from non-members and members can choose to remain completely anonymous. Every month hundreds of Dutch memebrs find their love at Loveawake.com. On paid dating sites, you spend your time and money scanning profiles, focused on finding the match. On personals sites like Craigslist, Locanto or Kijiji you often rejected without any response. At Loveawake we believe dating service should be free and funny. You can also talk with other members who are like you seeking W4M and M4W for casual relationships in Netherlands. You can send emails and upload pictures all day long! Whether you're after a meaningful relationship or just some casual friends it is high time to join Loveawake.

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27 y. o. Netherlands , Eindhoven
Capricorn, 170 cm (5' 7''), 73 kg (162 lbs)
I am looking for a casual relationship with some fun. But I am also in for a serious relationship too once after getting to know each other better.



51 y. o. Netherlands , Enschede
Gemini, 178 cm (5' 10''), 90 kg (200 lbs)
Hi, I am new in the Netherlands and try to make casual friendships.I am talkative and have a good sense of humor. You will never get bored when we are together.Hope to hear from you...


23 y. o. Netherlands , Amsterdam
Capricorn, 180 cm (5' 11''), 96 kg (213 lbs)
I'm just looking for some casual fun


37 y. o. Netherlands , Panheel
Capricorn, 175 cm (5' 9''), 75 kg (167 lbs)
Hi there, I am Boris, 36 kind and good looking guy. I am originally from Paris but moved to Amsterdam for several years now. I am here to meet nice people for casual chat

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64 y. o. Netherlands , Zwolle
Capricorn, 185 cm (6' 1''), 90 kg (200 lbs)
Clean ,fresh , well to do and happy man, looking for a non stress connection to find out the future together


51 y. o. Netherlands , Haarlem
Capricorn, 186 cm (6' 1''), 80 kg (178 lbs)


49 y. o. Netherlands , Amsterdam
Capricorn, 159 cm (5' 3''), 56 kg (124 lbs)
I am 45 years old and living in Marbella. Looking for a spontaneos and lovely guy to have fun with and lets see where it brings us.No stress.



48 y. o. Netherlands , Leeuwarden
Capricorn, 155 cm (5' 1''), 54 kg (120 lbs)
I am easy going, love outdoor activities, spiritual, logical, and go with the flow. I enjoy movies, reading, yoga, going to the beach, hiking, music events and enjoy the moment of a great life. I am looking only for ..


43 y. o. Netherlands , Utrecht
Capricorn, 172 cm (5' 8''), 80 kg (178 lbs)
I am an adventurous, funny and active person. I love the outdoors and the indoors equally. The movies, the beach, cycling, running, or simply casual walks through the city shopping and enjoy the world around me. I love a..



34 y. o. Netherlands , Hilversum
Capricorn, 157 cm (5' 2''), 63 kg (140 lbs)
Easy-going and fun-loving girl looking for a meaningful connection with great chemistry, but also that we can have our own lives outside of the relationship. Communication, open-mindedness, and respect are extremely impo..


Dutch Casual Relationships Seekers Are Wating

Rich with features without being overwhelming, Loveawake.com allows you to search for potential matches, send SMS messages, send phone numbers, and receive emails from W4M and M4W personals. Also, rather unusually for a dating or personals site like Kijiji or Craigslist, Loveawake.com offers live customer support center, so you can get help with our service in real time. Loveawake.com's success and popularity in the world of Dutch online dating is due to its simple and easy matching tools, and demonstrable effectiveness.

Benefits of Dutch Craigslist Aletrnative From Loveawake

For new Dutch online cragislist alternative, Loveawake.com is unintimidating to use and explore, yet its interface is both professional and friendly. Loveawake have developed a huge pool of single members, and that the word-of-mouth recommendation of those members has been excellent, delighted as they have been by the quality and quantity of prospective partners they have found. Loveawake.com delivers on its promises.

Dutch casual relationships - Craigslist classified ads in Netherlands (2024)
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