What channel is NCAA baseball tournament selection show 2024? Show time, TV for bracket reveal (2024)

The top 16 seeds for the 2024 NCAA Baseball Tournament were announced on Sunday, with Tennessee baseball being confirmed to be a host in regionals and widely regarded the most likely No. 1 overall seed.

The rest of the bracket will be set on Monday, paving the Road to the College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska. The Vols likely clinched a spot as the top overall seed after winning a share of the SEC regular season championship and winning the SEC Tournament Sunday with a 4-3 victory over LSU.

MORE:Watch the 2024 NCAA baseball tournament selection show on Fubo (free trial)

On Monday, Tennessee ― and the other top-16 seed seeds ― will find which teams will travel to play them in the regional round of the 2024 NCAA Baseball Tournament and, potentially, which team they might face in the super regional round. With the parity of college baseball, however, there's a good chance of significant upsets during regionals.

The Vols have only ever reached the championship series once in program history, falling to Oklahoma in the 1951 College World Series. While the Vols will be among the favorites to take it all in 2024, several other teams from throughout the SEC can also make a run at the CWS national championship. That includes Kentucky, Georgia, Texas A&M and Arkansas, all teams confirmed on Sunday to be a top 16 national seed.

Here's what you need to know to watch the NCAA Baseball Tournament Selection Show on Monday:

When is 2024 NCAA baseball selection show?

  • Date: Monday, May, 27
  • Time: Noon ET

The selection show for the 2024 NCAA Baseball Tournament will begin at noon ET on Monday, May 27. The top 16 seeds were announced Sunday evening, with the rest of the bracket revealed Monday.

What channel is the NCAA baseball selection show on today?

The 2024 NCAA Baseball Tournament selection show will be broadcast on ESPN2. It can also be streamed on the ESPN app and Fubo, which offers potential subscribers a free trial.

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NCAA baseball tournament bracket prediction

Here's a look at the 16 teams seeded in the NCAA Baseball Tournament, with the seeding order revealed on Monday.

  • Georgia Bulldogs
  • Texas A&M Aggies
  • North Carolina Tar Heels
  • Virginia Cavaliers
  • Clemson Tigers
  • Oregon State Beavers
  • Arkansas Razorbacks
  • Eastern Carolina Pirates
  • Tennessee Volunteers
  • Kentucky Wildcats
  • Oklahoma Sooners
  • NC State Wolfpack
  • Santa Barbara Gauchos
  • Oklahoma State Cowboys
  • Florida State Seminoles
  • Arizona Wildcats

For a projection on the rest of the 64-team bracket, click here to see the latest from D1Baseball.

NCAA baseball tournament schedule 2024

  • Start date: Friday, May 31 (regionals)
  • End date: June 23 OR June 24 (College World Series finals)

The 2024 NCAA Baseball Tournament starts with the regional round across 16 host sites, beginning on Friday, May 31. The regional is a double-elimination round featuring four teams per region, with the winner of each advancing to the super regional. The top eight teams from the super regional — a best-of-three series hosted at the higher-seeded team's home field — will advance to the CWS in Omaha.

The CWS begins as a double-elimination bracket, with the top two teams advancing to the best-of-three-game series to determine the national championship. All CWS games are played at Charles Schwab Field from Friday, June 14 through the completion of the tournament on Sunday, June 23 (or, if necessary, Monday, June 24).

Here's the full NCAA 2024 baseball tournament schedule:

  • Selection show:Monday, May 27 at noon ET | ESPN2 |Fubo (free trial)
  • Regionals:Friday,May 31 through Monday,June 3
  • Super regionals:Friday, June 7 through Monday, June 10
  • College World Series start:Friday, June 14
  • CWS finals:Saturday, June 22 through Monday, June 24

When is the College World Series?

  • Start date: Friday, June 14
  • End date: Sunday, June 23 or Monday, June 24

The 2024 College World Series will be played at Charles Schwab Field beginning on Friday, June 14. It will then run through either Sunday, June 23 or Monday, June 24, depending on if a Game 3 needs to be played in the championship series.

Past College World Series champions

LSU won its seventh national championship in 2023 when it took two of three games against SEC rival Florida in the championship series. It was the Tiger's first championship since 2009, placing them second behind USC (12) for the most in NCAA history.

An SEC team has won four straight national championships and five of the last six, not including the 2020 season, which was canceled due to COVID-19.

Here's a full list of past College World Series champions in the last 10 years:

  • 2023: LSU (54-17)
  • 2022: Ole Miss (42-23)
  • 2021: Mississippi State (50-18)
  • 2020: Canceled due to COVID-19 pandemic
  • 2019: Vanderbilt (59-12)
  • 2018: Oregon State (55-12-1)
  • 2017: Florida (52-19)
  • 2016: Coastal Carolina (55-18)
  • 2015: Virginia (44-24)
  • 2014: Vanderbilt (51-21)
  • 2013: UCLA (49-17)

Clickhereto view the full of College World Series champions.

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What channel is NCAA baseball tournament selection show 2024? Show time, TV for bracket reveal (2024)


What channel is NCAA baseball tournament selection show 2024? Show time, TV for bracket reveal? ›

2024 college baseball tournament selection show: Time, how to watch the bracket reveal. The field of 64 teams that will compete for the 2024 NCAA college baseball championship will be announced at 12 p.m. ET on Monday, May 27 on ESPN2.

What channel is the NCAA baseball tournament on? ›

How to watch NCAA baseball tournament super regional games. Every NCAA tournament super regional game Sunday is airing on either ESPN, ESPN2 or ESPNU.

How to watch College World Series 2024? ›

All 2024 College World Series double-elimination games are scheduled to air live on ESPN, with streaming options including the ESPN app (with a cable login). Another option is Fubo, which offers a free trial to potential subscribers.

Who is playing in the College World Series 2024 bracket? ›

North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, NC State, Kentucky, Texas A&M, Tennessee and Florida State won their respective Super Regionals, advancing to the Men's College World Series. These eight teams will compete in Omaha from June 14-23/24.

Who is favored to win the College World Series 2024? ›

The top three favorites hail from the SEC with Tennessee, Texas A&M and Kentucky atop the 2024 College World Series odds board. The Vols are +290 (risk $100 to win $290), while the Aggies are +330 and the Wildcats are +500.

Are there any college baseball games today on TV? ›

There are currently no games scheduled.

What can I watch NCAA baseball on? ›

How to watch NCAA baseball tournament super regional games
  • TV channels: ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPNU.
  • Streaming: ESPN App | ESPN+ | Fubo (free trial)
5 days ago

What channel is the World Series on in 2024? ›

How to watch 2024 Men's College World Series. ESPN is broadcasting nearly all of the games with Game 2 of the championship series on ABC.

How can I watch March Madness 2024? ›

Eagle will lead mainstays Bill Raftery, Grant Hill and reporter Tracy Wolfson on the top announcing team. For the entire 2024 NCAA Tournament, CBS and TBS are leading the way primarily televising 21 games apiece, while truTV and TNT carried 13 and 12, respectively.

What channel does the College World Series come on? ›

How to watch Division 1 Men's College World Series. The 2024 NCAA Men's College World Series will air on ESPN.

Who is predicted to win the World Series 2024? ›

Updated odds to win College World Series: Tennessee baseball still national title favorite. The College World Series is nearly here, which means eight teams stand a chance at bringing home the 2024 national championship in Omaha, Nebraska. But not an equal one — at least, according to oddsmakers.

Who is going to CWS 2024? ›

👉 Here's the full Men's College World Series bracket
  • North Carolina.
  • Virginia.
  • Tennessee.
  • Florida State.
  • Kentucky.
  • NC State.
  • Texas A&M.
  • Florida.
1 day ago

Who is Florida playing in the College World Series? ›

Florida baseball opponent set for College World Series. Here's who the Gators will face. Florida baseball will face a familiar foe to start the 2024 College World Series. The Florida Gators (34-28) will begin CWS play in Omaha on Saturday against No. 3 national seed Texas A&M (time, TV, TBD).

What college has been to the most College World Series? ›

Teams with the most appearances in the Men's College World Series
  • Texas: 38.
  • Miami (Fla.): 25.
  • Florida State: 24.
  • Arizona State: 22.
  • USC: 21.
  • Oklahoma State: 20.
  • LSU, Stanford: 19.
  • Arizona, Cal State Fullerton: 18.
1 day ago

Who is the favorite to win the College World Series? ›

Tennessee held off a pesky Evansville squad in the Super Regionals and the Vols, the nation's top seed, enter the CWS 2024 as the favorite. They are +290 in the latest 2024 College World Series odds, followed closely by two other SEC teams, Texas A&M (+330) and Kentucky (+500).

Why is the college baseball world series in Omaha? ›

Why is the College World Series played in Omaha? The first three years of the CWS weren't played in Nebraska. It spent two seasons in Kalamazoo, Michigan and a season in Wichita, Kansas. The current home can thank former Omaha mayor Johnny Rosenblatt, along with a group called "the founding fathers" in local circles.

Where can I watch the NCAA World Series? ›

How to watch Division 1 Men's College World Series. The 2024 NCAA Men's College World Series will air on ESPN.

What channel is the baseball game on DirecTV today? ›

MLB Network Channel 213 HD Live on DIRECTV TV.

What channel is the College Softball World Series on? ›

How to watch the Women's College World Series finals. Every game of the Women's College World Series finals will air on ESPN. Viewers can also stream the game on Watch ESPN and the ESPN app.

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